Post-Apocalyptic Saint Denis

Author: RDR2 Lore
Date: 23.06.2020
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  • Featuring a field hospital located inside of the tram station
  • Boarded up windows on most shops in the area
  • A dense jungle realistically placed in and around the park as well as dirt patches
  • A post-apocalyptic camp in the area
  • An overall chaotic look as the place was left in a hurry, broken carts, coaches, dead prisoners, etc. 
+ Much more! Load it up in-game to explore the rest.

You will need the RDR2 Map Editor mod created by Lambdarevolution for this map to work.

  1. Download his mod from Discord:
  2. Drag and drop this map file into Red Dead Redemption 2\MapEditor\Maps
  3. Start the game and load the map with the F5 menu.
  4. Use a trainer like JediJosh920's to disable all world peds! (Otherwise, you will have trams and people going all over the place.)
  5. Enjoy!

Feel free to expand on this map on your own!

Also, if it's not too much to ask for, leave a like on the YouTube demo!

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Post-Apocalyptic Saint Denis
Post-Apocalyptic Saint Denis Post-Apocalyptic Saint Denis

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