Saint Denis Gang

Author: havok
Date: 23.06.2020
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I added a small gang in the north of Saint Denis, I will try to add more. This mod only works when using the RDR2 Map Editor mod created by Lambdarevolution. The map editor mod is a work in progress so you will come across bugs. To download Map Editor go to the discord channel for that mod

Drag and drop the mod in Red Dead Redemption 2\MapEditor\Maps

The mod must go in to the maps folder and then loaded on Map Editor mod in-game. You just need to press F5 then load save.

To reload the map properly you should use JediJosh's trainer to remove all peds then reload the save.

If it's raining on your game the peds tend to wander off to another close by location to avoid the weather, so if you don't see the peds that would be why.
You can only aim your weapon at them due to the map editor not allowing the player to speak to my spawned peds. They will speak to you if you bump in to them but that's about it. 

The gang are easy to spot they are dressed fancy compared to everyone else in the area.

There are quite a few peds in the slum area so if you get in a shoot out you will get ambushed quickly by the gang.

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Saint Denis Gang
Saint Denis Gang Saint Denis Gang Saint Denis Gang

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