Safehouse Mod (BETA)

Author: dick hertz
Date: 05.07.2020
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This mod takes the 3 empty "for sale" cabins and turns them into mostly functional, fully decorated houses. All beds can be slept in, most of the cabinets are stashed with loot, and there is a working campfire outside of each house for crafting.  I did my best to make everything look as natural as possible. Inspired by RDR1's safehouses.
To install, drop 'safehouse.xml' into MapEditor\Maps in your main directory
I haven't had any problems with performance/loot spawning in my testing, but let me know if anything stands out.
Requires Scripthook and Map Editor by Lambdarevolution, which can be downloaded at his discord here:
Currently looking for a modder who has experience with scripting. I’d love for this to become a complete mod with blips, wardrobe access, ability to shave, spawn points, etc. or whatever’s possible so far without OpenIV (I have zero scripting experience). If anybody’s interested in collaborating on this just hit me up.

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Safehouse Mod (BETA)
Safehouse Mod (BETA) Safehouse Mod (BETA) Safehouse Mod (BETA) Safehouse Mod (BETA) Safehouse Mod (BETA)

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