RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0

Author: Alonz73
Date: 23.12.2019
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Please endorse if you like it :) Hi friends :) I share my personal reshade, hoping you like it;)Installation:Download Reshade here: if you use Vulkan :For those who want to Reshade under vulkan: d) the "real" new version comes out, this build works expensive me :) (do not beware if your antivirus squeals it is a false negative, seen that this version of the reshade .exe is not "official")Installation of Reshade: Very simple, run the file, click on "Select the game" then on your .exe file (RDR2.exe) click on Direct3D 12, or Vulkan, download the Shaders download, once done Reshade brand "DONE"Reshade is installed ;)Download on Nexus,OrDownload my preset here : Rename "SweetFX_Settings_b'Red Dead Redemption 2'_b'RDR 2 by Alonz'.txt"To : "RDR 2 by Alonz.ini"Put my preset in the same place where your RDR2.exe is locatedLaunch!EDIT V.2.0 : Fix brightgness

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RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0 RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0 RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0 RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0 RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0 RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0 RDR 2 by Alonz V.2.0

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