Pioneer Reshade

Author: Invader shock
Date: 26.12.2019
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Download instructions 

Download and install Reshade version 4.5.2 or higher
 Install Reshade to the RDR2.exe and use the Directx 12 version  download all graphical features as prompted 
Next Download my reshade INI and extract it to the your Red dead redemption 2 folder 
 Load up Red dead Redemption 2 in DirectX 12 mode and press home to open up reshade follow the on screen instructions and you should be good to go. 
  Links for Reshade Download  http:// 

  Mod Description 
 This reshade is A simple yet realistic reshade which adds a soft blue tint to the world of Red dead redemption 2 while still allowing warmer climates such as  New Austin, Rodes, West Elizabeth to retain a more Hot and warm feel to their environment. NOTE: This mod can be very demanding I plan on making a less demanding version of this mod which will be less taxing on a number of Systems.   
  Please leave feedback in the comments/ any glitches that you do find I will be working on updating and improving  this mod and also creating a version that is compatible with Vulkan API.

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Pioneer Reshade
Pioneer Reshade Pioneer Reshade Pioneer Reshade Pioneer Reshade Pioneer Reshade Pioneer Reshade Pioneer Reshade

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