Author: jayman1000
Date: 01.07.2020
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Preset gives a picturesque impression. Utilizes sharpen, filmgrain, ambient light, saturation, chromatic aberration.

Note the screenshots doesnt give the preset justice, due to the way filmgrain looks the grains are more noticeable on the screenshots than when playing the game.

Install instructions
Step 1: Install Reshade. Download Reshade from
Step 2: Download Picturesque preset and unpack into your Red Dead Redemption 2 folder (the folder wherein lies the RDR2 executable).
Step 3: Load up the game and press the Reshade menu key and select the Picturesque preset from the preset dropdown menu.
Step 4: Enjoy!

Performance impact
From my own testing ~2-5 fps depending on the scene and the computer used. Ambient lighting filter seems to comparatively use up most of the fps loss.


Use in the online portion of the game is not encouraged as there have been suggestions made that it is not allowed by Rockstar. I dont know if it is or not, I wouldnt want to play the game without my preset so I might as well just do it no matter what. But be aware that using this preset in the online portion of the game is entirely your own risk to take.


If you do not like this style of graphics that's fine, but there's no need for you to comment about it in the comment section. I edited this preset to my own liking and to my own enjoyment and I upload this now for anyone to use if they like the looks of it simply because I like to share, not to harvest endorsements or likes or to achieve some kind of nexusmods fame. Im not uploading for the purpose of receiving feedback but if you are able to give feedback in a respectful and friendly manner I do not mind and will appreciate you taking your time to give it; positive constructive feedback is almost always a pleasure to read.

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