Ped Damage Overhaul

Author: HJ
Date: 09.02.2020
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This mod was created by HJ (from and I uploaded it with his permission.

The mod can be enabled/disabled by pressing the F9 key.

What does this mod do? (v1.0 -> for later changes, see changelog)

  • human NPCs get more health - now you cant kill them with a few shots, the only proper way to take an enemy out quickly is a headshot
  • human NPCs burn longer - no more super-fire which kills humans within a few seconds
  • human NPCs can survive fire - there is a certain chance that NPCs survive being burned (but they wont be able to fight afterwards)
  • human NPCs now feel if they have been shot in the legs - if you shoot NPCs legs they will now stumble or even fall when running or sprinting (based on a certain chance)
  • human NPCs take less damage from you - from now on you have to be more tactical (use the environment, set things ablaze or cripple your enemies
  • to win a fight against multiple opponents - or be a good shot and take them out with headshots)
  • human NPCs take longer to bleed out (and thus can travel longer distances when wounded) - be sure to leave no one alive when raiding
  • camps, or the wounded ones might now be able to stumble into the next town creating eye witnesses
  • human NPCs have a chance to stay on the ground for a random amount of time when wounded (based on their health) - so you can know knock the
  • breath out of your opponents
  • human NPCs wont die instantly - there is a certain health threshold that if reached (= if an NPC has suffered enough damage), the NPC wont be
  • able to get back up
  • DISCLAIMER: dynamite damage has not been altered much, since the effects would make the game very unrealistic
  • DISCLAIMER: melee damage has not been altered, since fistfights will otherwise turn into an odyssey
  • DISCLAIMER: animal damage has not been altered, since this would dismantle the hunting mechanics of the game (it would be extremely hard
  • to get pristine pelts)

All credits go to HJ - heres the "modpage" (source code published there also):

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Ped Damage Overhaul

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