RDR2 Best save game Ch2

Author: Me
Date: 07.11.2020
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This save game for best start from Chapter 2 

-  almost every bonus content unlocked ( day one edition, gta5 bonuses etc.)
-  only %5 total complate !
-  all talismans and trinkets unlocked
-  legend of the east satchel crafted
-  black female arabian horse (not tamed)
-  on Chapter 1: all quest complate with ''Gold medal''
-  0 legendary animals killed (almost no animals killed)
-  map still close and not revealed, fresh and ready to your explore
-  camp only upgraded 2 times of medicine and pearson vagon for open satchel crafts.
-  arthur have only ''Gold double action revolver (from gta5) and bolt action rifle ( full ammo :) )
-  2 good basic saved outfit (with wolf coat) + Grizzlies outlaw outfit 
-  10.00 dollars and 2x99 cooked meat on his bag

Install ; only place SDR and sdr.bak files in your game save directory 
C:\Users\\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Profiles

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RDR2 Best save game Ch2
RDR2 Best save game Ch2 RDR2 Best save game Ch2 RDR2 Best save game Ch2

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