Bounties Expansion

Author: Ido Shtivi
Date: 03.04.2020
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  • Download and install AB's ScripthookRDR2: (make sure you install the asi loader).
  • Remove previous versions of the mod, if you have any installed.
  • Copy BountiesExpansion.asi and BountiesExpansion.dat to the game's main installation folder.

How To Play:
  • Get to one of the new bounty poster appeared on you map. It's in a different spot from the game builtin bounty posters to prevent collisions.
  • Collect it.
  • Head for the new bounty area added to your map.
  • Locate and hogtie the target.
  • Get to the police department.
  • Drop the target by the cell and get your reward.

Known Issues:
  • Sometimes some of the blips are not removed.
  • You're welcome to report if you encouter other issues, and please add the log file (BountiesExpansion.log)

Special Thanks To:
  • S.T.R.I.K.E.R for helping with the research.
  • LMS for helping with the research and having a lot of patience :)
  • jedijosh920 for helping with the research
  • cad5150 for testing the mod

Source Code:

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Bounties Expansion
Bounties Expansion Bounties Expansion

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