Basic Needs

Author: bolmin
Date: 07.11.2020
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This mod adds 3 new cores - Hunger, Thirst and Urination. I got so many requests for something like this, that I hope you enjoy it:)

Hunger is the least developed mechanic in this mod. It goes down at the increments that can be set in the .ini file. You refill the core by eating and if the core reaches zero you will receive penalties - simple as that.

Thirst is a bit more exposed in this mod. It also goes down at the increments set in the .ini file. You can refill by drinking from a water source or from your canteen. 

When you enter a water source and activate the survival menu by holding "p" or R3 on a controller (you must hold it for 180 frames so about 3 seconds), 3 prompts will appear (as seen on the screenshots).

-Wash yourself - this one is more for roleplaying. It refills your outer stamina bar 

-drink water - this makes arthur drink water from the source, filling the thirst bar.

-refill canteen - this fills your canteen, the amount present in there is indicated by the hud element in the lower left corner. Your canteen fills your thirst bar, it holds up to 4 uses, where one is deducted every use.

Urination acts the same as the two other cores. You refill it by... yes you guessed it... urinating.

To urinate or to refill your canteen you have to turn on the survival functions menu. You do it by holding RS on a controller or P on the keyboard. When you do that two options will appear that are both self explanatory.

This is a starting point for this mod! Things that I planned include: enviromental effects impacting the cores, more customization in the .ini file and of course your suggestions!

the icons don't scale with opening the inventory wheel or changing radar size to expanded or compass. For now until I fix it, I recommend using the static icons in the display settings. I know I still didn't fix it in the humidity overhaul, but I promise you I will do it, trust me:)

extract the archive and put needs.asi, needs.ini, needs.dat and scripthook rdr2 into the game folder.

special thanks goes to Journeyman for the main inspiration for this mod and to Adam Załuska for his cover photo!

PS: I feel kind of stupid, since I told almost everybody that this mod is impossible without OpenIV... but hey "to err is human"!

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Basic Needs
Basic Needs Basic Needs Basic Needs Basic Needs Basic Needs Basic Needs

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