Simple Fight Club

Author: Luke
Date: 25.11.2019
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Overview :
This mod is based on the Native Trainer menu, but it has been striped down to facilitate the newly created Fight Club options.

This mod is quite simple compared to the fight club mods in GTA V but i suppose we all need to start somewhere, this is actually my first mod on RDR, But it works nicely for people that just want all the options they need to create a bar fight or just fight any character in RDR2 yes even Jack Marston.

As soon as you select your opponent they will spawn and be ready to fight so be prepared.
Features :
Ability to spawn any character in the game and for them to fight you.
A never wanted option so your Fight Club wont get interrupted.
Ability to add Honor to your character, so when you fight you can add the honor back ( It is advised to back up save if you dont want to lose honor ).
Option to teleport to you marker, so then you can have your Fight Club anywhere you want.
Ability to fast heal, after each fight.
Ability for unlimited stamina.

For this mod to work you need to download and install:

How To :
F1 to open Menu.
Place file in RDR2 directory.

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Simple Fight Club
Simple Fight Club Simple Fight Club

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